UsefulChem Project

This is an Open Notebook Science project in chemistry led by the Bradley Laboratory at Drexel University.
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Watch a recent talk where the UsefulChem project and Open Notebook Science is discussed in detail. More talks related to this topic are available here.
  1. UsefulChem blog (reports about project milestones mainly)
  2. UsefulChem Mailing List (detailed discussions to get problems solved)
  3. Molecules blog (molecules of relevance to our projects) substructure search(use emolecules.com to draw molecule and get SMILES) -transitioning to ChemSpider-The UsefulChem source in ChemSpider is here.
  4. Experiments blog (lab notebook - old)
  5. Contents page (summaries and links to the current lab notebook pages on the wiki)
  6. Reference page (key references)
  7. 13 minute screencast on the big picture and history of UsefulChem
  8. Pending Items put items here under brainstorming or todo
  9. Experimental Plans
  10. Docking Experiments
  11. The People of UsefulChem
  12. Lab Inventory
  13. UgiChem2CML

Open Notebook-Like and UsefulChem-Like Projects (Primary Research Dissemination)

Gus Rosania

  1. 1CellPK Wiki

Cameron Neylon

  1. Sortase Cloning Blog

Jeremiah Faith

  1. Open Laboratory Notebook

Michael Barton

  1. Lab blog (pre-print style)

Kevin Owens

  1. MALDI Mass Spectrometry


  1. Research Proposals Wiki
  2. Totally Retrosynthetic Blog

Our Projects

  1. Malaria
  2. HIV
  3. Arsenic
  4. NCI anticancer screen
  5. Combi Ugi

General ways to contribute

  1. Process Molecule Information
  2. Automation
  3. Donations
  4. UsefulChem Writing Partners
  5. Undergraduate Orgo Class Assignments

General Laboratory Information

  1. Chromatography
  2. General Orgo Resources (Black group)
  3. Spectral Database
  4. NMR shift database
  5. Shattuck NMR resources (Colby College)
  6. Videos on Laboratory Techniques (U. Alberta)
  7. Videos on Laboratory Techniques (MIT)
  8. Lab Techniques (CU Boulder)
  9. Organic Chemistry Resources
  10. Organic Division Information
  11. Chemical Suppliers Directory
  12. Chromatotron Manuals
  13. Getting NMR spectra off the 300 Mz Varian and converting to JCAMP
  14. Getzler lab resources

Other Open Source Science Sites (with experimental details)

  1. Synthetic Pages (organic protocols)
  2. OrgPrepDaily (organic protocols)
  3. OpenWetWare example of iGEM Lab Notebook (though no raw data)
  4. BioRoot(Biomolecule free exchange database)
  5. ArXiv (mainly physics, pre-print article format)
  6. Naboj (open dynamic reviews of ArXiv)
  7. PhysicsComments (blog on physics)
  8. OrgList (synthetic organic chemistry mailing list)
  9. Siphs (Q & A in life sciences)
  10. Protocols Online (bio and biochem protocols)
  11. Journal Review (open dynamic reviews of mainly medical related journals)
  12. Cosmus (astronomical)
  13. RRResearch (molecular biology - discusses current research in some detail)
  14. Neurodatabase.org (Neurobiology experiments with raw data)
  15. ThermoML (thermodynamic data)

Open Source Science Coordination Sites

  1. The Synaptic Leap
  2. Chemists Without Borders
  3. World Community Grid
  4. BioForge
  6. ACS Chemical Biology Wiki
  7. The OpenScience Project (software)
  8. Nodal Point (bioinformatics blog)
  9. BiOS
  10. MyExperiment
  11. SCIEnCE (collaborative proposals)

Open Source Science General Information

  1. Michael Nielsen's post on "The Future of Science"
  2. Bill Hooker's Open Science Applications article on 3quarksdaily
  3. Waldrop Scientific American April 2008 Article on Science 2.0
  4. Heather Piwowar's Notes on Open Notebook Science
  5. Berkes site
  6. Finding Cures for Tropical Diseases - Is Open Source the Answer?
  7. Peter Murray-Rust talk on Open Data in Science
  8. The Blue Obelisk - Operability in Chemical Informatics
  9. Rzepa summary of web 2.0 chemistry
  10. Beth Ritter-Guth's Notes
  11. Intellectual Property and Legal Implications
  12. Rio Framework for Open Science
  13. Science Commons
  14. AssignmentZero Crowdsourcing list of projects
  15. Michael Barton's essay on Open Notebook Science

Cheminformatics Sites

  1. ChemBioGrid
  2. Marvin conformational analysis
  3. ChemSpider
  4. The Binding Database
  5. Drug|Discovery Links
  6. Validate SMILES with DEPICT or here for multiple SMILES

Related Projects

  1. Find-A-Drug (finds molecules that are predicted to inhibit disease related enzymes - some results released by request)
  2. e-malaria (similar to Find-A-Drug but run by high school students - results not public, except a few in this paper )