To check the stability of the furan ring of acetamide of 5-methylfurfurylamine from Exp078, in TFA to investigate the behavior of furan containing Ugi products.


A solution of acetamide of 5-methylfurfurylamine (153mg, 1mmol) (78C) and pure TFA (1mL) in a (what size? - this is a very small amount of solution) round bottom flask, with a condenser was heated for about 30 min (this does not match log) under N2.


HNMR of 78C
129A (+ CDCl3)
t -13min (room temp)
129B (after 2hr reflux)





16:23 Added TFA (1ml) to the acetamide (78C) (153mg), this is 129A
16:35 Obtained HNMR of 129A (12min)
17:10 Started running N2.
17:12 Started heating the round bottom flask containing 129A.
17:20 Solution started refluxing at 2 drops/sec
17:22 Refluxed at 3 drops/sec, turned down heat
17:27 Remained refluxing at 1-2 drops/sec
19:15 Took solution off of heat, added 300uL of solution to small vial to cool, this is 129B
19:40 Obtained HNMR of 129B