Marshall Moritz


To synthesize a Ugi adduct from furfurylamine, phenanthrene-9-carboxaldehyde, phenyl acetic acid and n-butyl isocyanide in benzene



Exp239 Vial 1


Because this reaction was run on such a small scale, it was difficult to see if all of the components in the vial went into solution or not. Thus, though there are visible amounts of solid on the bottom of the vial 24 hours after the reaction, it is difficult, if not impossible to conclude whether it is the starting materials or a Ugi product. Again, as the reaction was run on a small scale, even if the reaction generated a 100% yield there would have been very little Ugi product to extract and analyze from the vial. It is suggested that this experiment is repeated on a larger scale so that results are more definitive.


11:30--Added 10.6mg of phenanthrene-9-carboxaldehyde and 6.8mg of phenylacetic acid to 8.9uL of furfurylamine and 10.5uL of butyl isonitrile (numbers provided by Khalid Spreadsheet Exp237).
11:38--Reactants dissolved in 52uL of benzene in a half dram vial.
11:40--Shook vial to mix reactants in solvent; some reactants stuck to walls of vial. As there were very small amounts of each compound present, it was difficult to see exactly when all the compounds dissolved in the benzene.

9:30--There was visible amounts of solid on the bottom of the vial, thus it is likely that a Ugi product formed from this reaction.