Evan Curtin


To retrieve benzalaniline from ONSexp212 in order to obtain more solubility measurements.


Solvents used to determine solubility were evaporated using blown air. The resulting crystals were collected and the vials from which they came were rinsed using methanol. The methanol and crystals were combined, and dried using blown air. The resulting mixture was dried in a desiccator for one hour, then recrystallized with ethanol. The recrystallized solid was dried in a desiccator for 19 hours and characterized by melting point and HNMR.


Characterization of 1A:
appearance: White solid
amount: 2.3072g
melting point: 48-50°C
HNMR: Solvent is CDCl3


The HNMR of sample 1A matches both the HNMR in UCexp263 (source) and Sigma Aldrich's NMR of benzalaniline. There are no visible impurities in the HNMR in this experiment. The melting point of 48-50°C is within the previous values ranging form 46-54°. The melting point along with the HNMR spectrum suggest that the benzalaniline obtained from this experiment is of higher purity than originally in UCexp263. Evaluation of the predicted re-crystallization yield cannot be performed without more details of the procedure.


Benzalaniline was successfully recovered by re-crystallization from ONSexp212 with high purity, however yield could not be obtained.



13:25 - Blew air on all samples from ONSexp212 until only crystals remained.
13:32 - Added all samples into a push cap vial with a punctured cap. Rinsed residual solid from each sample with methanol, added to the rest of the material. Blew air on the sample to evaporate the methanol.
13:47 - Put in desiccator under high vacuum.
14:40 - Removed from desiccator
14:51 - Recrystallized using ethanol (exact procedure not recorded). Put the sample in a push cap vial with a punctured top, added to desiccator under high vacuum. The vial has a mass of 13.8349g


11:04 - Removed sample (now called 1A) from desiccator.


10:48 - Weighed sample 1A, mass is 16.1421g (including vial).
11:02 - Took the melting point of sample 1A: 48-50°C