To synthesize Benzalaniline in Methanol at 0.2M to test kinetic reaction rate


Mass And Yield Calculations
NMR of Reaction Mixture


The NMR performed on the 500MHz machine clearly shows the peaks for both the desired Imine as well as the acid product.


12:15 Added 0.622g of 4-chlorobenzaldehyde to a 20 test-tube.
12:20 Added 0.460g of analine to the test tube. Mixed and transfered a small sample to a NMR tube.
12:40 Took first NMR sample on the 300MHz NMR, was not able to lock the sample.
13:00 Took second NMR sample, still no lock.
13:20 Took third NMR sample, still no lock.
13:40 Took forth and final sample, still no lock.

Took an NMR of the reaction mixture on the 500MHz NMR in CDCl3, and had no trouble locking the sample.