Process Molecule Information

All molecules of interest to our projects are entered as separate posts in the UsefulChem-Molecules blog.

The easiest way to contribute is to subscribe to the RSS feed at the top of the blog page and add missing information as new molecules are entered. We are primarily interested in commercial sources and price so we can make a decision to move forward on certain syntheses. However some other information is valuable, such as the InChI code, gif or jpeg, CAS#, etc. Use other posts as examples of what kind of information is helpful. The SMILES code is probably the most useful identifier for searching databases.

Search for commercial availability using SMILES or draw the molecule in QueryChem or Chmoogle and CAS in Google or MSN (RSS feed of the search is available on MSN). ChemExper is also a good source.

If you don't yet have an account just post in the comments.

If you find references without links, find the DOI. Don't upload copyrighted materials.

Databases and conversion software can be found here.