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Overview: This wiki is a collection of materials for collaborative use by Beth Ritter-Guth's English students at Lehigh Carbon Community College. The students at LCCC are working with Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley and his organic chemistry students at Drexel University. Together, students will work toward open sourcing science in meaningful and engaging ways for the benefit of the global community.

Professor Collaboration Site (Jean-Claude Bradley, Brad Prutzman, Beth Ritter-Guth)

Defining "Open Chemistry" (Beth Ritter-Guth/Research)

Community College Without Borders


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2006 Fall Technical Writing

LCCC Courses:

English 105: College English I (Beth Ritter-Guth)

English 107: Technical Writing (Beth Ritter-Guth)


How to Read a Scientific Paper (Purdue Libraries)


Assignment 1: Jargon and Technical Terminology

Assignment 2: How Drugs work to Fight Malaria