Name: Alicia Holsey
DOB: 07-21-82
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA by way of Nassau, The Bahamas
Major: Chemistry
Graduating Year: 2007
Education Background: Drexel University, M.S. Chemistry June 2007, Temple University, B.S. in Chemistry January 2005
Professional Experience: Drexel University, Research Assistant, E.I. Du Pont Nemours and Company, Intern, Johnson Matthey Process Catalyst and Technologies, Analytical Chemist.
General Chemical Interests: Analytical, Pharmaceutical, regulatory affairs

MS Thesis: Synthesis of Diketopiperazines, Possible Malaria Enoyl Reducatase Inhibitors Using Open Source Science

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Dopal Synthesis
Chapter 3: Initial Ugi Synthesis Attempts
Chapter 4: Imine Synthesis
Chapter 5: Addition of Boc-Protected Amino Acid
Chapter 6: Addition of Isocyanide
Chapter 7: Cyclization of the Ugi Product into 2, 5-Diketopiperazines
Chapter 8: Conclusions and Future Work