Lets try to maintain some reasonable level of consistency in the experimental descriptions:

Level 1

  1. add InChIs and InChIKeys under Tags heading in each experiment and a Google search of the InChI (use InChIMatic)
  2. links to molecules in chemspider
  3. all experiment pages are linked from the contents page
  4. all experiments should have Objective, Procedure, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Log and Tags in heading1 in that order without other characters such as colons
  5. dates as heading2 in the Log in the format 2006-10-01
  6. time as military e.g. 16:21 - no other numbers or characters such as ]
  7. trim underline on links
  8. abbreviations g and mmol (x mg, y mmol)
  9. in results characterization as heading2
  10. in results H NMR, x mg
  11. check for dead links

Level 2

  1. compounds prepared in one experiment and used in another must have the batch specified in the procedure (e.g. 999A)
  2. Does the Procedure match the Log?

Level 3

  1. Are the Observations and Conclusion supported by the Results?
  2. Are proper references used to cite prior work?