Reviews of the Anti-malarial agents

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Reviews of the Ugi reaction

  1. Wikipedia Great starting point with many reviews listed
  2. Domling and Ugi (2000) Multicomponent Reactions with Isocyanides

Mechanism of Ugi reaction

  1. Marcaccini & Torroba; Nature Protocols (2007) (Private Access)
  2. Demartino presentation (2003)
  3. Bu & Kjoniksen 2004 Biomacromolecules General scheme where isocyanide is added before acid.
  4. Bu & Kjoniksen 2005 European Polymer Journal General scheme where isocyanide is added before acid.
  5. A Plausible Mechanism- Ugi Reaction (ref: Keating and Armstrong 1996 although tetrahedral intermediate is not shown in their mechanism). General Ugi reaction mechanism .

Use of the Ugi reaction in Virtual Libraries

  1. Rarey & Lengauer 2007 Book


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Acid-catalyzed Ring opening/polymerization of furans

  1. hydrolysis is one example - find refs
  2. Gonzalez 1992 Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, Polymerization of furfuryl alcohol with TFA

Malaria Inhibition Assays

  1. PfENR UV assay (Perozzo 2002)>
  2. 2003 JBC Kuo Targeting Tuberculosis and Malaria through inhibition of enoyl reductase.

Reviews on the synthesis of diketopiperazines

  1. 2006 Chem. Rev. Doemling see p. 32 Ref 103 looks interesting
  2. 2005 Doemling
  3. 2003 Hulme Methods in Enzymology
  4. 1996 Ellman Chem. Rev. Solid Support DKP synthesis (see p. 571)
  5. Multicomponent Reaction J. Zhu, H. Beinayme (Wiley)

Examples of the synthesis of diketopiperazines with required substitution pattern

  1. 1998 Hulme Tet. Lett. Uses cyclohexenyl isocyanide and benzyl isocycanide but limited experimental data.
  2. 1995 Steele Solid Support strategy - does not use Ugi reaction

Relevant but not perfect for our Ugi reaction/cyclization

  1. Sollis 2005 J. Org. Chem. This one has the right substitution pattern and has lots of good info on cyclizing and characterizing DKPs but has an extra amide group
  2. 2004 Thomas Godet Titanium Catalysis in the Ugi Reaction of external image alpha.gif-Amino Acids with Aromatic Aldehydes - aromatic aldehydes are sluggish and can be accelerated with TiCl4
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Imine formation

  1. Phenylacetaldehyde
  2. Buchanan and Dawson, Organic Magnetic Resonance, Vol 13 Iss 4 293-298 1980- NMR characterization of certain Imines.(Private Access)
  3. Li, Rerr Yu; Bei, Feng Li, Wang, Xin; (Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol. 23 No. 9, 984-987) The article deals with the solid-phase reaction of furfurylamine and vanillin at room temperature. The product is characterized by proton NMR and other techniques including crystal structure analysis. (Private Access).

Imine Rates

  1. 2003 Moonkwon Lee; Jaebum Choo Gives a rate of a similar imine monitored by Raman spectroscopy which is very close to the rates we have been getting - about 0.01 /M*min in CDCl3 for acetophenone and aniline derivatives
  2. Jack Hine, Michael S. Cholod, and Walter K. Chess : (Journal of American Chemical Society Vol-95, Iss-13 pp 4270 - 4276) Kinetics of the formation of imines from acetone and primary amines. Evidence for internal acid-catalyzed dehydration of certain intermediate carbinolamines - about 0.1 /M*min in water for n-butylamine and acetone

Isocyanides NMR:
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Furan Alkylation
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